четверг, 6 апреля 2017 г.

What is Our Lucky Sites "virus"

Our Lucky Sites is an adware program that enters the computer stealthy, and forces users to view the huge amount of advertising information. 

Many users are familiar with adware action methods, but do not know what is an ultimate goal of suchlike programs. Typically, ad serving assumes that you want to sell something, however, Our Lucky Sites, despite the hundreds of advertisements, banners and pop-ups, does not sell anything. The main purpose of this software is not a sale of goods and services, but promotion of sites and receiving payment for paid advertising. In fact, the ads that you see in the browser, and which are so annoying, do not carry any meaning, and their main purpose is to fill your screen, so you accidentally clicked on one of the banners, and moved here. When you follow the link you, firstly, increase the attendance of one of the sites that Our Lucky Sites advertises, and secondly - you do the action for which the site owners are paying hackers, namely, go to the website via the link on the advertising banner. Each such transition may cost one cent or even less, but when you consider the number of computers infected by Our Lucky Sites – you understand that hackers have a very solid income. The only way to stop internet criminals is to remove Our Lucky Sites from your computer. To do this, you will need to scan your PC with the help of anti-virus to make sure there are no other threats. Especially for you we have compiled the detailed removal instructions for Our Lucky Sites, and we hope that they will be useful. More information about virus deletion: Our Lucky Sites removal instruction.

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