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YeaDesktop virus

YeaDesktop is a classic example of an advertising program that is used in standard schemes of ad fraud on the Internet. This program can display advertising proposals individually or as part of large ad units, call up pop-up windows with links, and redirect the user to untrusted sites in the browser. Most likely this program was developed by Chinese scammers, or those who are trying to impersonate them. Unlike most other adware, YeaDesktop does not operate autonomously, and it constantly receives instructions from the remote server xiaobingdou.com. This server is the core of the entire system that directs traffic to certain sites.

Such programs can be used for various purposes, and the most obvious of them are: earnings through advertising fraud, paid "promotion" of unreliable sites, collection of statistics of requests and distribution of more dangerous programs. Below we will look at each of these options and explain their essence.

  • Earning on advertising fraud is the abuse of pay per click system.
  • Website promotion is carried out in the same way: scammers simply insert links to promoted sites into ad units.
  • Statistics can be collected by any program on the computer, but the cost of such information increases in direct proportion to the time for which statistics are collected.
  • YeaDesktop can not directly distribute viruses by downloading them automatically to the user's computer.

So, as you can see, all these functions can’t be called useful. All of them are aimed at getting money by the creators of the program and at the same time the interests of the user are not taken into account. The only way to permanently get rid of the obsessive advertising of YeaDesktop and the associated difficulties is to remove adware from the system.

Additional information: YeaDesktop removal guide


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